So you wanna be a NASCAR driver?

…or you just wanted to have the experience of being in one or driving one? Well, this is the program just for you! is offering an amazing deal, in conjunction with Groupon, for the chance of a lifetime. There are different plans ranging from $62-169, but if you are a racing nut who wants seat time and an opportunity to advance, then the Compete package is for you. There will be a 4 round elimination style shootout if you purchase the ‘Compete’ package. The best drivers from each round will advance onto the next round for a shot at a free ride in the 2012 ASA Late Model Series.

This is a pretty damn good deal, if I may say so myself. Giving the chance for anyone to come duke it out. Other racing schools would charge atleast near a grand to run like this.

For your money you are getting (in the Compete experience):
-Detailed classroom instruction
-A tour of the track with one of their professional instructors
-5 Hot Laps as a passenger with professional racing instructor at racing speed
-30 Laps behind the wheel of a real up-to-date NASCAR Sprint Cup car
-Take home a personalized race suit and a fire-proof hood
-Crash damage is included, unless you drive reckless/dangerously

There are various tracks around the East Coast and Indiana that will be run on for the Compete experience. For more info on the Compete experience and all the rules, FAQ’s, etc., click here.

Best of all, since Groupon is involved, the deal is for $169 instead of the usual $349. But hurry, the offer only lasts til March 6. Also, there are cheaper plans for just ride-alongs.


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