Remembering Cale Kastanek

There’s never an easy way to say that one of the most stand up individuals in this small world has passed away. Cale Kastanek was a phenomenal guy and I wish I had known him better. I first met him a few years ago at a BeaveRun. At the time I was competing in an NSX and blew a coolant line. Cale had introduced himself and asked if I needed any assistance. Little did I know it wasn’t to be the last I saw of this kind man. Over the years Cale and I crossed paths many times – we had many of the same friends in the S2000 and racing community. When I learned that Cale was a pilot and avid mountain biker I thought how cool it is to know somebody who’s really living their life to the fullest. My last memory of Cale was at an HPDE a few months back at Summit Point’s main circuit. The last few laps of the session I was chasing Cale around the best I could. We come out of turn ten and the checkered flag’s waving. We cruise side by side down the long front straight and I look over to see Cale giving a huge thumbs up. Even through his helmet I could see the big ass grin on his face. Sharing track time with Cale was never short of a blast.

On November 9th Cale was back at Summit Point competing in NASA’s TTC Time Trial division. Cale was severely injured during the second time trial session. He suffered many internal injuries but the most severe was a serious brain injury similar to what happened to Dale Earnhardt. Cale was medivacced to a nearby hospital where he passed away on November 11th after his organ donor transplant surgeries were complete. His organs will go toward helping to improve the lives of others. We were told that a newborn baby will be receiving a portion of his liver and many more people through bone grafts.

That fateful weekend Cale Kastanek clocked the fastest lap of 124.6, winning Sunday’s TTC division and clinching the 2008 Mid-Atlantic TTC Championship. Congratulations Cale, you’ve earned more than just a NASA Championship, you’ve touched countless lives of those around you. Godspeed.

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If you would like to know more about Cale Kastanek and read touching memories from those he knew please check out the following link to the original thread on s2ki regarding Cale’s accident:


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