Drifting, re-cooled

Drifting was cool. Then the world was introduced to Paul Walker and drifting stopped being cool. Then I saw this video of motorcycle rider Nick ‘APEX’ Brocha and racecar driver Jim Guthrie doing what the world hasn’t seen.

Motorcycle rider Nick ‘APEX’ Brocha and racecar driver Jim Guthrie probably both clank when they walk. These guys are seriously dialed and precise. First off, motorcycles are wicked fast, and going sideways on one isn’t the most favorable position to be in. Second of all, Mazda RX-7’s with an LSX engine is just plain dirty; let alone when you may run over a guy on a motorcycle… going sideways.

What’s great about this video is that it is innovative. These guys took something that was popular and ordinary, and applied it to something different to make it extraordinary.


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