About the BMW 1 M which was ‘flogged’ on a PDI

There’s recently been a story of a new BMW 1 M which was flogged a bit on video during a PDI (pre-purchase inspection) at a dealer. The owner paid $10k over list value and wants that portion back after discovering he purchased the car in the video. I think this is ridiculous. I don’t think anyone would sell their car for less just because there was a video made of it being driven aggressively. No way. Why? Because it’s every bit as good as it was before you hit the loud pedal. It’s a performance car built for track use and lets not forget that it even has a warranty. You know what you would have done in a new 1 M on a test drive? Yea, stuffed that loud pedal to the floor so shut the hell up and enjoy your masterpiece of German engineering.

Want to read the owner’s story? Check it here on 1addicts.


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